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Beatrice Salsman was born in the beautiful Annapolis Valley in Nova Scotia. In her earlier years, Bea enjoyed painting in oils and water colour. She has studied with various artists throughout Nova Scotia and British Columbia. Her creative energy directed her life’s journey through careers in carpentry and stained glass. Returning to her Nova Scotia roots, and to her love of painting, she now uses acrylics as her chosen medium of expression. Bea’s paintings are varied in subject matter and it is her use of bold colours that brings the paintings to life. Her paintings are in various private collections across Canada, United States and the United Kingdom.

I believe that it is all our life experiences that lead us to the place we are meant to be, shapes how I see the world today and influences how I express myself through my art. From loving relationships; raising my family; hugging my grandchildren; to the places I have been and the people I have is truly a journey which is meant to be shared.


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