Beatrice Salsman was born and raised in the beautiful Annapolis Vally in Nova Scotia and now calls Halifax her home.  In her early years, Bea enjoyed painting in oils and water colour.  She has studied with various artists throughout Nova Scotia and British Columbia.  Her creative Energy directed her life’s journey through careers in carpentry and stained glass.  Returning to her Nova Scotia roots, and to her love of painting, she now uses acrylics as her chosen medium of expression.


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Bea Salsman

Back in 2007, Holly ventured down an unfamiliar but exciting road- that of painting. She is self-taught and finds herself continually learning.  Her canvasses and paint brushes are her companions as she visits the unique communities of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Grand Manan Island, Newfoundland, and Maine.  Some of her favorite subjects are wharves and the daily bustle of fishermen coming and going.

As a child, she spent many days helping fill bait bags and cleaning buoys.  These very early happy childhood memories have made the oceans one of her favorite scenes to paint. Today, her immediate and extended family can be still be seen pulling lobster traps from the Bay of Fundy.

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Holly Everett

Fred has been creating fine art for over 30 years, mainly oil paintings.  A few years ago he discovered the miniature painting venue and has found his niche.  He enjoys seeing how much depth he can achieve in each landscape.  His still life and seascapes capture the simple beauty of their settings.  His goal is to convey the subtleties of color, shadow, and light in each painting.

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Fred Wilson

Bobbie began painting in 1987.  She paints in oil, acrylic, and some water colour.  She is a self-taught artist with no formal training.  She paints landscapes, seascapes, still life, animals, and flowers.


She has had many successful solo exhibitions in addition to other smaller exhibits in New Brunswick, Alberts, British Columbia, and Nova Scotia.  She has done numerous commissions for private individuals as well as large works for town and business offices.


Her painting have found homes in Great Britain, the Channel Islands, Germany, Portugal, Australia, Japan, USA, as well as across Canada.  Bobbie has donated paintings for fund-raising events, supporting CNIB, the Physiotherapy Foundation of Canada, New Brunswick hospitals, Family Mental Health Support Society of BC, and the Hospice Foundation at Kentville Hospital.


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Bobbi Mortensen

Sharon is a self-taught artist who has been painting for over thirty years. Originally form the Province of Quebec, she comes from a region of Eastern Townships: Hemmingford, known for its landscapes, farm, and vineyards,  The artist grew up in this beautiful countryside that inspires her and that she loves, and her other inspiration is her grandmother, Clara Merlin, who painted and is gave Sharon her love of painting. Jeanine Blais’ famous gallery was the first to take her under her wing.  Additionally, the Balcon d’Art gallery n Saint Lambert also presented her works, along with several other galleries such as the Gina Gallery in Israel.


Sharon’s work has a refined, neat style and the places she paints are inspired by the Hemmingford countryside, though they come directly from her imagination and memories.  She is a talented artist who makes us discover the enchantment of winter, the countryside, and the joys that children share in these places.

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Sharon Mark

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