Ed "Tripp" Parmiter


Tripp's art collection beautifully combines his artistry with fascinating stories of his adventures as a fisherman and charter boat Captain.  Browsing through his collection, one is brought into his world of rugged shorelines, saltwater breezes, the vast and unpredictable ocean where fishermen risk life and limb, yet would have it no other way.  Today he paints for the public in his gallery using the canvas to express his enduring passion for quaint towns and fisherman's culture.

Tripp is extraordinary in many ways.  He has pursed his unique style of folk art impressionism not through any traditional route, but as an manifestation of how he sees the world - colorful ports, weathered lighthouses, fish huts and houses along with vibrant rainbow colored skies that take the imagination to places never experienced before.  We call those skies, unique to Tripp, "Trippin" skies!  Walk through his idyllic fishing villages and lose your imagination aboard his boats. 

Tripp's desire to share his artistic passion is expressed through his support of fellow artists, of which there are more than twenty who exhibit in Tripp's Gallery. 

He invites you come watch him paint either in person or through the "Trippcam".  Tripp is often found painting at odd hours of the night so see if you can catch him.  If you come in person, you be can be sure of a warm welcome and possibly hear stories from the good ol' days.  Don't be surprised if you get inspired to start painting yourself!


Tripp invites you to shop at our online shop and see how you can liven up your home and share in the Tripp adventure.  The Tripp Philosophy is that art needs to accessible to everyone, and our prices reflect that philosophy.  Tripp also insists that we continue to ship paintings for FREE worldwide.

Check out our videos below! When Tripp isn't painting or making or doing other artwork, he loves to talk about painting and mentor potential artists.  In Tripp's world, we all have artistic potential!