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Artist of the Week
Lunenburg Bump #2
by Dale Tucker



Inspire your inner artist at Tripp's Gallery

At Tripp's Gallery, we believe that art is for everyone.  Tripp is a master of folk art impressionism who tells stories of maritime life through his paintings.  More than 20 artists are mentored and/or supported at our gallery and their artwork is selling! 


Even if you have never purchased an original art piece before, you will feel welcome and inspired visiting our gallery.  Our art brings joy to our customers and some have been inspired to discover their own inner talents.  Come in and choose which painting style speaks to you.


And the best news?   Now you can also enjoy stress-free online shopping.  Oh, and it gets even better (I know, how is this possible?) ...We ship our paintings FREE worldwide! The ol' Tripp has gone and done it again. 

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